Odoo CRM Basics: Create a Lead

Companies can manage customer accounts, track every customer interaction, and keep contact information for customers up to date by using a CRM system. It is intended to assist companies in enhancing both customer connections and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Because organizations produce such huge amounts of data every day, this is essential.

Businesses can think about how many encounters they have with their clients every day. What personal tracking system do they use? They might have an efficient email system or be able to respond to comments and questions on social media right away.

Odoo CRM systems arise as a solution to the problem of storing and keeping client data. Every time a person picks up the phone, converses with a customer, or meets a new lead, they are learning something new and potentially beneficial. Possibly a laptop, an administrative book, or a notebook included this information.

The accurate and suitable data maintenance provided by a solid CRM system, however, can benefit your company. In addition, the enormous amount of data that may be collected makes it a valuable asset for your company.

These kinds of problems are intended to be solved by a customer relationship management system. It takes client data and transforms it into practical, actionable intelligence that may completely change a company. Everyone in a company benefits from having access to the most recent information and being able to simply change data.

Creating leads from the Odoo Dashboard


The Sales, Leads, Reports, and Configuration tabs are the four tabs that are visible in this Home Dashboard panel.

1.     Select CRM from the dashboard and then select the New button to create leads.  As shown below.

2.     Once you select “New”, you will be required to complete the Lead information as shown below.  This feature allows you to add the Organization name, opportunity, contact details as well as the expected revenue.  Thereafter, select “ADD” to create the lead or “EDIT” to change any information.

3.     The lead you created (e.g.. Thando Constructions) will appear under the NEW column.