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Case Study:  Inventory Management

Unleashing the Power of ERP in Revolutionizing Inventory Management 

Using an ERP system which is both tailor-made to deal with inventory management, and seamlessly speaks to all warehouse personnel in real-time – is absolutely essential to optimal performance in the manufacturing industry.

XRA has solved many outstanding problems for its clients who have struggled to find a practical, easily integrable solution for their inventory management. This case study will explore some common pain points and the solutions which XRA implemented.

Pain point 1: Using non-related software for inventory management

 A common theme among manufacturers is how inclined they are to use software which is designed for non-inventory related tasks. As a result, even the most basic of tasks (such as being alerted of stock shortages) becomes overly complicated and often brings production to a stand-still. This start-stop method of operation is costing businesses in the long run and makes scaling their company much more difficult as a result.

Solution: XRA’s ERP software is designed to handle all facets of manufacturing, including inventory management

Live updates across the factory floor are visible to all team members including

directors, foreman, planners and buyers who are able to plan their operations according to data

which is indisputably accurate.

Pain point 2: Inability to manage one warehouse (let alone multiple locations) effectively

Due to weak operating systems put in place which seem attractive at first; manufacturers

have trouble getting their warehouse up to an acceptable standard. More time is spent by

supervisors and other managerial staff putting out fires, rather than focusing on the other aspects of

their duties. All of these factors present a problem when there are multiple warehouses which need

to be run, and with little direction or strategy to do so.

Solution:  XRA’s software is all inclusive

In addition to this, all data is stored in the cloud and is available to all parties who are granted access on any mobile or desktop device. By implementing our ERP solutions in each of our client’s warehouses, they have seen significant improvement in production yield and financial expenditure almost immediately.

Pain point 3: Resorting to “quick fix” solutions which only harm the business in the long term

The manufacturing industry is known for high pressure demands from clients and looking

for the best (and most cost effective) solution in the fastest time possible. Unfortunately, this leads

to poor short-term decision making which (while resolving issues in the moment) ultimately causes

major damage to operations in the long run.

Solution: Our ERP software is updated in real-time so that everyone is on the same page. 

This is essential for forecasting and ensuring that stock is replenished earlier rather than too late.

The manufacturing industry is fast-paced and competitive in nature, making it essential for

businesses in this sector to have an integrated solution which can: enhance efficiency; diminish costs; increase sales; and improve profitability.

XRA’s ERP software does all of the above but most importantly, it enables businesses to make

accurate, informed and strategic decisions using easily accessible data which is available to all key

decision makers in real-time.

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